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Are we on our way to being just like the people we're fighting?

The following is an excerpt out of a paper I just wrote
reflecting on chapters in a book called "A Mind for God" by
James Emery White. Feel free to comment on what you've read
in this excerpt out of my reflection paper. I really felt
strongly about what was going on so I had to share. I look
forward to hearing what you have to say! What you are about
to read is a highly Christian view on world issues. Please
take that into consideration while reading.

Out of all things discussed in the four chapters read, the
second chapter hit me the hardest. When White talks about
how Darwinism influenced Hitler and the Germans in the
Third Reich, it really stirred my thinking. How far are we
willing to let our culture slide before we as Christians
make a stand for what we believe? There are Christians who
do stand up for what they believe, but there are far more
people who profess to be Christian who do not line their
thinking up with Christian views. How can we even profess
our religio…