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The American Discipleship Problem

This title is the title of the book I am going to write. It is a combination of "The Lukewarm Christian Epidemic" and the Relational Discipleship kick I have been on for a year or two now. God has given me 4 sections, 17 chapter headings and a preface. Of course, as everyone knows, this is subject to change as the Spirit leads.

At first I thought this book would be a short thing. However, the more I get into it, the more I see this thing is really going to be a 'book'. I am eagerly awaiting God's lead in this and am excited to see this project really take form. So many churches need to hear what this book is going to talk many people need to hear it...

It isn't just derived from my experiences with the churches I've been at. It is derived from those experiences, but a wider trend through other churches as well. It isn't limited to rural churches, urban churches, small churches or large churches. It is a problem that occurs in many differen…

The Leadership Dilemma

Leadership is a funny thing...some leaders are after the power or control, some are in it for the service. But the problem is...are we willing to do what we are being called to do by God? For some, I question whether or not the motives are pure. For some, I wonder if they are answering God's call or the call of their ego.

I have had the pleasure now of being a part of 3 wonderful churches in a ministerial capacity. All of them are filled with wonderful, God-fearing people. However, I've noticed a trend. One of my friends and mentor, Casey Scott once told me that leadership will make or break your ministry. The best laid plans are great...but if you don't have a strong leadership behind you, you'll have a much harder job. Boy Casey was so right. I've noticed that leadership in the churches usually is an indication of how strong the congregation is.

One of the churches I was in the Leaders were a great group of people...but steeped in tradition a little hard as wel…