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The Hunt

Almost a month has passed since Lighthouse and I parted ways. The Hunt for a new ministry is on and things are going well so far. The trouble is, searching for a new ministry doesn't just happen overnight. It takes prayer and discernment on Sherri and I's part, in addition to the church and their Elder's and Search Team. If you really want to know the truth, it's a miracle when a candidate is chosen to serve a church.

I have been thinking about that this week. The miracle that takes place when someone is chosen to be the minister of a church is no doubt incredible. So many candidates put their resume's in at churches when they post it online. It is an extremely difficult task to evaluate every candidate equally and come up with a 'short-list'. So many times we lose sight of the every day miracles that take place in our lives just to keep us on this Earth, doing God's work.

Many miracles are constantly taking place all around you. Do you see it? Answer…

Count it all joy

Hard times come. Trials come. Sometimes things happen that catch us off guard. Somtimes things happen that make us think that we made a wrong decision. Here's the thing...don't always assume that going through a hard time means you made a mistake. Now don't get me wrong, we sin all the time. However, to think that the entire thing was a mistake is just silly.

Sherri and I are facing just such a trial. The move to Florida is over. We thought for sure that we'd be here for a long time. It had all the potential and makings of just such a move. However, it didn't turn out like we had originally thought. Things changed. Times changed. Circumstances changed. Was the whole thing a mistake? Absolutely not. There was purpose in our being called here. We were called to be here for my mom through a difficult time. We were called here to plant seeds in four young boys lives. We were here to bring the message of change to the church that we carry per God's direction. Withou…