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Mountains and Valleys

Mountains are something. I remember going through the Western United States in 1994 via a family vacation. I remember how flat the plains were... I remember what the mountains looked like in the distance...sooooo beautiful. However, I can also remember the trek up the mountain, being on top, and then the subsequent journey back down again. Sometimes you were going uphill when it seemed you were going downhill and vice versa. I love the mountains. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

I write today on mountains and valleys, because it seems that I am experiencing one now. What I thought was a trek down the mountain was actually a trek up and what I thought was a trek up the mountain is actually a trek down to a valley. Mountain top experiences are fantastic. We're close to God...we're on our game, doing the very things that we've been called to. But then comes the valley...perhaps the season has changed...perhaps we have something new to learn...something new to venture f…

The End of a Chapter

What is it about a good book that always seems to keep you reading? When you get to the end of a chapter, you just can't wait to start the next chapter! It always seems to keep you interested.

In Lima, a chapter has ended. The Federated Church of Lima, although not 'official' yet, has voted to merge with The Crossing. Thus, a chapter has ended. A congregation that has been dying for quite a while has chosen to close one chapter out and start a new one. For me, the dream God gave me back in March has come to fulfillment. The Federated Church of Lima has ceased to exist. Part of me has had a real hard time watching all this come around. Part of me is very sad that it had to come to this. However, part of me is excited to see what happens in the next chapter. The Crossing will come in and change everything. I doubt there will be much recognizable as the 'old church' in a year...if that long. What I believe will change the most, which by the way is the most important …