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Coincidence or by design?

Now that I am living in the land of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, it seems my attention has been drawn lately to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac. I find myself watching "The Weather Channel" for the updates on how the storm is progressing. Because of the nature of our culture, we tend to put stock in the Weatherman and the software designed to predict the outcome of a storm. This isn't the point of why I wanted to write today, but just a little side note to keep in mind how much stock we put in computer programs and weather predictions. Trust in God, He is the one who has the control of everything at His fingertips.

The point I wanted to get at today has to do with this storm brewing out in the Gulf of Mexico. Do you remember around this date back in 2005? I do because my daughter was born that year around that time. It was really scary because New Orleans had dodged bullet after bullet with Hurricanes, avoiding direct hits. It was like the boy who cried wolf. They'…