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Closing In

It seems these days that the news continues to be depressing. I have to say I haven't watched a news broadcast in several years. However, I do follow news stories. Two in particular grabbed my attention. One story was about Israel closing the temple mount to everyone. When they reopened, they only let Jews in and they were able to pray on the Temple Mount for the first time in a very long time. In this news story, almost as a side note, they mentioned how Israel was considering and planning to rebuild said temple.

The second story was a "fake news" story from one of those sites that loves to promote fake news. I thought nothing of it. Low and behold, an actual news station did a story on this. The story is of a company in Wisconsin who is looking at the possibility of offering a chip implant for it's employees to replace key cards. Whoa Nellie. That really caught my attention when a reputable news source is doing a story on it.

So what do these two have to do with …


I love blogging. I love to write. However, sometimes time just doesn't allow. Perhaps I just don't make time. Maybe it's because I've been tapped to do things and I'm feeling overstretched. Maybe the lesson is to delegate authority properly. However you look at it, many people in life feel themselves going a thousand different directions. They feel tapped for energy and stretched beyond capacity. The problem is, we feel tapped by the Lord to take part in things.

Something I've learned this past week is that when we pray for opportunities to speak, share or minister to others, God provides...but not how we think He's going to. Sometimes God provides an opportunity to speak up, but not necessarily add another thing to our plate. It doesn't have to be a burden or even a responsibility. Sometimes it's simply an opportunity to speak up. Trouble is, we have a hard time saying no. It gets better as time goes on, but it's still difficult. Then comes th…