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The Doctrine of the Church (taken from my assignment this week)

In Bingham’s book, chapter 7 starts out by posing this statement, “Another major issue in the reformation was the doctrine of the church” (pg. 121). This stirred my thinking because Bingham continues on to discuss how the early church fathers recognized that the church was the people and not a building as such, but that it had gotten lost in the institution (pg. 121). As the Reformation began, re-emphasizing the believers being the church was one of the greatest importances. However, as time has passed since the Reformation, it seems the same problem is happening again. Let me explain.

A while back, there was some emphasis being done about maintaining the church and how vital it is to do. In addition, there were arguments about a movie being shown in the Men’s group. Discussions followed about the ‘church building’ and respecting the church property and of course, the other side of the argument, that the people are the building and if there is an issue, we need to do it personally, be…

Why do YOU go to church Discussion Post

So....the first two weeks were a bit challenging...even for me. Stretching our thinking, stretching our actions. Have you been inspired to do something about your walk? How has this sermon series changed the way you view worship and discipleship? Perhaps it has confirmed what you always thought. The key, however, is that we here in Lima must face up to truth. We have a reputation of being divisive...things aren't nearly as divisive as they used to be, but still, this is the way we are seen. Where do we stand about our worship? Praise, Prayer, Communion, Offering, Proclaiming the Word...are you authentic in your worship? If not, why? What's holding you back?

On that note, how about your discipleship? Are you coming to church to visit, be seen or to 'do the right thing'? Are you applying the Scriptures being taught or do they fall flat at the door? We have great people here in Lima...but it's time we start doing more than just coming to church, helping with church d…