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Renovating our "house"

I had a thought for a sermon and thought I'd share part of it on my blog.

Today’s Sermon is Titled “Renovating our ‘house’”. Our house, referring to our bodies as the Temple of the Holy Spirit as stated in our text for today, 1 Corinthians 3: 5-17. The sermon hit me as I was working at the Huddle House, thinking of what I had to do that evening in preparation to the renovation of my mother-in-law’s house. It hit me that so many times we, as Christians, focus our energy on the physical things of the world without one thought to the spiritual side of our being. These days we don’t live in our houses for 50 plus years like we did in the last century. My grandfather still lives in the house he and my grandma bought and paid for in 1955, even after her passing. These days instead of staying put, we’re more often inclined to move around. With that being said, we still renovate our houses today. We make changes every 5 years, maybe more often, maybe less, but still yet, we make changes, n…