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The End of Christianity in America?? For real???

I have been watching the media ever since my last post and they've been going on about "the end of Christianity in America". For real??? I really hadn't noticed! I will agree that there are problems with some Christians, but hey, we're all sinners, right?? We will never perfect, but there are standards. For example, on AC360 the other day, Anderson had 2 people, one was a reverend, the other was some kinda Theological professor at a university I think, I can't remember. Anyway, Anderson (whom I like very much) was pitting these two against each other and against Rick Warren (author of "The Purpose Driven Life"). The discussion was about proposition 8 in California. These two are arguing the end of Christian America because they've allowed gays to marry.
Let's clear something up. There are two issues in the paragraph, gay and abortion. I don't believe gays should marry, it says in Genesis that God created man to procreate. Why would …