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You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

Here we are! It’s the final week and I was not sure what to leave you guys on, but as I was reading through my daily devotion, John seemed to point something out. In John 2:1-11, Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine at the wedding. For so long I have wondered why is this event so important. I mean, what is the significance of this not only in their world then, but our world today! I mean, agriculturally, water is turned into wine on a yearly basis at the wineries. But still, there is more to it. I’ve titled today’s sermon “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”…I know, grammatically incorrect as it is, (it is driving me nuts too by the way), there is something to be said for that phrase in this Scripture.

When we hire babysitters for our girls, we always warn them ahead of time about Hannah and her unusual ability constantly to stay moving and talking. As weird as it is, the first time she is with a new sitter or person, she is quiet, reserved and rather well behaved. I rem…


(Disclaimer to those not of the OSBC congregation: If you are reading this sermon, it is a little different than my normal. This week I got news that my Interim Ministry is coming to a close and I have two weeks left. I had a sermon series planned, but I am changing it due to this fact. God directed me this week to preach on this Scripture to the OSBC congregation for the change that is ahead. It is very specific to them and if there are parts you do not understand I apologize! Thank you for reading and we'll be back to normal soon!)

I have to apologize before I begin, because I am deviating from the plan. We had some fun with that this past weekend at the “Souper Bowl” Supper. You had to be there to get that joke! This week I was going to continue on our trek on “The Life of Christ: The Temptation”, but I got a phone call this week saying a candidate had been chosen and God led me to a different set of sermons for the last two weeks I preach.

Right now I am in the class Acts. It i…