I love blogging. I love to write. However, sometimes time just doesn't allow. Perhaps I just don't make time. Maybe it's because I've been tapped to do things and I'm feeling overstretched. Maybe the lesson is to delegate authority properly. However you look at it, many people in life feel themselves going a thousand different directions. They feel tapped for energy and stretched beyond capacity. The problem is, we feel tapped by the Lord to take part in things.

Something I've learned this past week is that when we pray for opportunities to speak, share or minister to others, God provides...but not how we think He's going to. Sometimes God provides an opportunity to speak up, but not necessarily add another thing to our plate. It doesn't have to be a burden or even a responsibility. Sometimes it's simply an opportunity to speak up. Trouble is, we have a hard time saying no. It gets better as time goes on, but it's still difficult. Then comes the inevitable difficulty of trying to discern God's will in the matter. That in and of itself is an enormous task. What is it that he's calling us to? Are we called to be a barometer or even a voice of reason? No matter what the task, I guarantee that God wants you to season the truth with love.

There is a difference between being tapped (tired) for the Lord and tapped by the world. When we are tapped for the Lord, there is a peace and joy to our exhaustion. When we're tapped by the world, there's simply a sheer 'drained' feeling. Remember, the goal is for the world to tap your energy out so you have nothing left to give to the Lord. When you are tapped by God, even though you're tired, there's strength to continue for Him. In this past week's sermon, we looked at focus. In the sermon, we talked about focus in regards to faith and righteousness...about correcting behavior. However, this also applies when it comes to service too. If we use what's left over to serve God, the service is going to be either haphazard or nonexistent. God needs to get first dibs. God taps us first, so let's give him the firstfruits not only of our finances, but of our time and efforts too. Feeling tapped? Do some reflecting to see what kind of 'tapped' you're feeling...


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