Weighty Leadership

If you are a leader, whether in the church, business or at home, have you ever thought about the responsibility that comes with it? I mean, if you really sit down to reflect, the weight of responsibility might just overwhelm you. In the culture these days, I wonder how many leaders truly stop and think about the weight of responsibility that's on them? One of the things that has hit me lately is this fact. It's not whether or not I am effective or not, doing a good job or bad job, but rather, it's the responsibility for equipping people as God wants me to.

No matter whether you're a leader in the secular world or in the church - or both - if you're a Christian, you have a responsibility and a gift that God has given you to use for His glory. Especially these days, the secular world needs good, honest and true Christian leaders. People who are willing to stand up for values and give an honest days work for an honest days wage. Too many people get caught up in the 'you pat my back I'll pat yours' routine or even fall into the corruption that exists in our world. Honesty, integrity and character are qualities in the workplace that seem to be hard to come by these days. As leaders, we have a responsibility for leading by example. It's why I try to be so transparent in my sermons. It's not because the focus needs to be me. It's because I've made many mistakes in my life and I want others to learn from my mistakes, pitfalls and bumbles. The focus is what Christ has done for me.

With that said, here's the question: do you allow God to get the glory in your leadership abilities and work, or do you take the credit for yourself? The weight of responsibility in leadership is great. We need to sit back and reflect on the weight of this, reflect on what God is calling us to do in our little world with the gifts He's given us, giving Him the glory in the process. Might I also add that even if you don't think you're a leader or you're simply one of the 'worker bees' in your workplace, keep in mind that bearing the name 'Christian' comes with leadership responsibilities. You're a leader, designed to lead people to Christ. Point people to Jesus by your walk. If necessary, use words and give God the glory for what He does.


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